Aderma Soin Dermatologique Nutritif 40ml

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Nourishing Dermatological Care 

Organic Cosmetics



Stress, UV, pollution… many factors can weaken your skin on a daily basis. This is why A-Derma has created BIOLOGY, a unique range of organic-certified face care that adapts to all skin weaknesses.

Biology A -DERMA nourishing dermatological care is the 1st organic nourishing care for very dry fragile skin which restores its full balance with the highest tolerance: product tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control and on dry skin prone to atopic eczema.


It intensely nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier , promotes the reduction of dry patches and itching sensations, moisturizes for 24 hours and contributes to the balance of the skin's microbiome.


Biology nutritious dermatological care is composed of only essential ingredients for the skin, 22 in total:

- Moisturizing agents including Glycerin and Aloe Vera of vegetable origin

- A base of vegetable oil and gentle emollients with a light touch which allows the formula to penetrate quickly

- Organic Rhealba® Oat sap to rebalance and hydrate thanks to the maintenance of the skin's essential minerals (calcium & magnesium) and the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid

- From Safflower oil which nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier thanks to the synthesis of lipids essential to skin comfort

- Extract of Florin d'Or which helps to eliminate particles of pollution

- A complex of emulsifiers 100% of natural origin for continuous hydration thanks to the formation of a lamellar structure: water is captured and released as and when needed by the skin

- A vegetable gum as a texture agent to obtain a fluid and light consistency on application


Its fine cream texture provides an enveloping effect to protect the skin from external aggressions.

Its hybrid use allows this treatment to be applied alone or mixed with another dermatological cream, for a tailor-made treatment.

Good makeup base.







Apply morning and/or evening to cleansed skin. Face and neck.

Added bonus: Depending on your skin's needs, the specific nourishing dermatological treatment can be mixed with BIOLOGY moisturizing dermatological creams (light or rich) for a tailor-made texture.