Aderma Phys-Ac Hydra Moisturizing Cream 40ML

by aderma
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Phys-AC Hydra moisturises, soothes and compensates for the effects of treatments that dry out skin. Specially formulated for skin made fragile by drying and irritating treatments. Immediate & long-lasting moisturising thanks to the gradual release of active ingredients. Limits excessive desquamation and feelings of tautness*. Rich in compensating moisturising agents that provide comfort and restore the skin's balance. Permits the application of make-up.\r\n\r\nClinical results: Immediate soothing sensation on the skin 90%*; Desquamation significantly reduced after 4 days*.\r\n\r\nFace\r\nAdolescents, adults\r\nAcne-prone skin\r\n\r\n* Clinical study of Phys-AC Hydra on acne patients when used in conjunction with a medical treatment. 43 subjects 12 to 35 years of age (average age 21), 34 women and 9 men, 14 of which were adolescents (average age 15) and 39 adults (average age 24).\r\n\r\nTHIS PRODUCT IS FOR ME IF:\r\n“I'm using drying and irritating treatments for my skin and am looking for an accompanying care product that quickly and lastingly soothes and moisturises to prevent excessive desquamation and feelings of tautness. I'm looking for an invisible, ultra-comfortable cocoon texture. A creamy rich feel, but not oily, that leaves a silky protective veil with no greasy or sticky effect.”


Apply morning and/or evening on the face previously cleansed with a purifying foaming gel or a purifying micellar water.