Bioderma Sébium Hydra Ultra-Moisturising Compensating Care 40ml

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Bioderma Sébium Hydra is a compensating cream suitable for acneic skin that is being treated with oral retinoids. This intensive moisturizing and nourishing cream has been formulated specifically for skin undergoing anti-acne oral treatments that have adverse effects such as extremely dry skin. Glycerin, xylitol and vaselin deeply nourish the skin to keep it comfortable and hydrated at all times, while repairing ceramides restructure the skin and enoxolone and allantoin help with inflammation and redness. At the same time, the FluidActive patent helps to regulate and improve sebum, in order to reduce the acne crisis.


Bioderma Sébium Hydra has the following characteristics:

  • Daily cream suitable for moisturizing acne skin undergoing oral treatments
  • Soothes the skin thanks to enoxolone and allantoin
  • Extremely nourishing and hydrating
  • Helps improve sebum quality to help reduce acne crisis
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High tolerance 

How to use

Apply Bioderma Sébium Hydra twice daily, morning and evening on cleansed and dry skin.