Dermel Anti-Dark Circles

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Dark circles under the eyes are caused by late nights, stress, water retention, allergies, colds or sinus problems. They indicate a problem that now can be combated with DERMEL ANTI DARK CIRCLES. Quite often dark circles are caused by poor circulation. Genetic factors also play a big part in this particular problem. DERMEL blend of ingredients helps stimulate blood circulation around the eyes, thus reducing or even eliminating these dark circles. Once good circulation is restored, dark circles, as well as puffiness, begin to fade since they are directly related. Nevertheless, the difference between puffiness under the eyes and fatty deposits is of a genetic trait. Fat deposits are much harder to alleviate and need longer treatment time before major benefits can be attained.


Directions of use

Gently rub around the entire eye area, moving inwards from the outer corner. Use daily before makeup or separately. For optimal results, twice daily applications are recommended.

For external use only.

CAUTION: For use on outer eye area only. Do Not Apply To The Eyes.

In case  of eye irritation, wash your eyes for 5 minutes with warm water.

Ideal for men and women of all skin types.

Volume:10 mleye