Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste

Brushing teeth stops sweet tooth
Many people get plenty of exercise, but they negate the positive effects of sport with an unhealthy diet. The main culprit is food with a high sugar content, which has become a real problem over the past few years – both in the form of traditional sweets as well as processed food. American and German scientists meanwhile consider sugar and fructose to be just as dangerous as alcohol and cigarettes. Dr. med. dent. Matthias Weiler has also been able to observe the negative impact of too much sugar in his practice. It is often the case that his patients want to forego sweets but are simply unable to withstand the craving. The dentist decided to help these patients: with Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste.
The toothpaste works on a unique, innovative principle: the aroma effect. It reduces the craving for sweets with the help of natural and nature identical aromas during the tooth-brushing process. The impact of the aromas unfolds while the user brushes and considerably curbs the desire for sweets. Dr. Weiler, who is an active athlete and aware of
what makes a healthy diet, developed the toothpaste together with his wife Isabella.
During product development, extreme care was the top priority for Dr. Weiler and his team. The toothpaste therefore only contains ingredients which are permissible under the German and European Cosmetics Directive as well as under the German and European Food Law. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the product was extensively tested in a
double-blind study with placebo control as well as in a further three-month study.