Garnier Ultra Doux Kids Apricot 2-in-1 Shampoo(2 sizes)

by Garnier
50,000 LBP

To make the hair combing easier and shampooing a pleasurable moment for kids, a new shampoo by Garnier Ultra Doux combines Apricot, known for its delicious scent, with Cottton Flower, renowed for its softening properties. Its mild, ultra-detangling and hypoallergenic formula eliminates hair knots instantly, and does not sting the eyes.

• Combines Apricot, known for its delicious scent, with Cotton Flower, renowned for its softening properties
• Its Mild and Ultra-Detangling formula eliminates hair knots instantly
• Its Hypoallergenic formula does not sting the eyes
• Gently Nurtures and Nourishes Sensitive child hair
• Rich in vitamins
• The hair is loose, shiny smooth and much easier to comb

How to Use:
Apply on wet hair, massage thoroughly to lather, then rinse