Garnier Ultra Doux Mythic Olive Conditioner - 200ml

by Garnier
47,000 LBP
Roughness, dullness and dryness are signs of under nourished hair. Garnier Ultra Doux Mythic Oil Conditioner has the perfect paraben free formula which nourish hair from within and helps to fight rough hair.
Olive Oil is extracted from the Mediterranean Olive which is packed with Anti-Oxidants. It helps to fight the roughness of your hair and adds a natural shine to it, while Vitamin E gives nourishment and nutrition. This is the perfect blend to get nourished, healthy hair!
Natural extracts
Developed for undernourished hair which is rough, dull and frizzy
Paraben free formula
Suitable for everyday use
Leaves hair strong and nourished!
How to Use:
After shampooing, apply to the hair all the way to the ends and massage with care. Let it act for a moment then rinse.