La Roche-Posay Redermic Retinol Concentrate-30ML

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Reduces deep wrinkles and smooths the epidermis.

It also unifies the complexion and reduces age spots.

Pure retinol is recognised as one of the most effective active ingredients in targeting signs of photo-aging: accentuated wrikles and age-spot.

Progressive Release Retinol helps enhancing corrective anti-ageing efficacy while respecting sensitive skin’s tolerance threshold.




Key Components

1. Retinol

2. Hepes & neurosensine

3. LRP thermal spring water





Deep wrinkles, irregular skin tone, premature age spots.



How to use

Apply in the evening to the face and neck.





REDERMIC Retinol Concentrate is formulated with a unique complex of Pure Retinol and Progressive Release Retinol to deliver a significant dose with optimal efficacy and tolerance for sensitive skin.