La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes 15ML

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REDERMIC Retinol Eyes

• Reduces wrinkles and smooths the epidermis. •Lessens dark circles and signs of fatigue.

•Pure retinol is recognised as one of the most effective active ingredients in targeting signs of photo-aging: deep wrikles and age-spot. •Progressive Release Retinol helps enhancing corrective anti-ageing efficacy while respecting sensitive skin’s tolerance threshold.

•The ultra-fluid, non-sticky texture, melts into the skin as soon as it is applied.

•The cannula tip allows for targeted application for intense correction.

•Excellent make-up base.

REDERMIC RETINOL EYES is formulated with a unique complex of Pure Retinol and Progressive Release Retinol to deliver a significant dose with optimal efficacy and tolerance for sensitive skin.


Apply in the evening to the eye contour.


1. Retinol\n2. Caffeine