SVR Sun SEecure- Mineral Sunscreen, Tinted 50ML

by SVR
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381,000 LBP

SUN SECURE Tinted Mineral Screen SPF50+ is a care product that combines very high protection SPF50+ 100% mineral and make-up.

Offers very high protection in a 100% mineral formula that doubles as tinted makeup. Suitable for intolerant skin as well as women looking for year-round coverage even in the sun. Thanks to the tinted formula, imperfections are hidden and the complexion is unified throughout the day. 

The universal tint suits all complexions. Resistant to water, sweat and towel-drying for optimal protection.

How to use:
Apply to the face in the morning and before sun exposure. Repeat application frequently in case of prolonged exposure.

EXPIRY DATE: 01/2024