Wokali Aloe Vera Sherbet Body Scrub Moisturizing

62,000 LBP



    Body scrub aloe vera sherbet body scrub is a great tool for skin care. It has long been known that for skin to look well-groomed and healthy, cleansing procedures are necessary from time to time.

    Gently and gently cleanses the skin, removing the irrigation layer of epithelium.

    Intensely moisturizes and saturates with nutrients, improves skin texture and color.

    Improves blood microcirculation and is an excellent prevention of cellulite and varicose veins

    Provides intensive nutrition for the skin, thanks to natural extracts.

    Body scrub not only cleanses the skin of dead cells, but also nourishes it with many useful substances. The smear contains vitamins c and b6, which have a good anti-aging effect. The product with aloe vera juice gives омолаживающий, recovery and protective effect, successfully treating dermatitis, acne rash, skin ulcers and eczema, refreshes the skin at the cellular level. Method of application:

    On wet skin apply a little exfoliation, rub massage movements with a sponge or hands.

    Problem areas can be massage twice.

    After 5-7 minutes rinse off the remains of a hot shower.

    To correct the effect, use the wokali body cream.

    Peeling should be done 2-3 times a week.

    The result of applying the smear will be shiny, silky skin. Thanks to the delicate action of the product, cleansing, nourishing, hydrating the dermis is effective and smooth, even for sensitive skin. Clean, stretched, shiny white skin is provided after using the smear.