Avène Concealer Stick


Yellow:Avène Couvrance Stick Concealer Yellow is a specialized stick concealer for dark and blue-toned blemishes and imperfections, such as bruises and dark circles.

Coral:Avène Couvrance Stick Concealer Coral is a specialized stick concealer for dark and brown-toned blemishes and imperfections, such as melasma and hyperpigmentati  

Unlimited use on sensitive skin with imperfections. Naturally conceals excess color imperfections thanks to its intense covering power : the green shade is suited to red imperfections. The yellow shade is designed for blue imperfections. The coral shade conceals brown imperfections. 


Key Components

Silica --> repairs connective tissue in the skin, regenerating the skin and delaying the aging process;

Beeswax --> forms a protective film over the skin, protecting it from environmental aggressions.



Blemishes and imperfections (bruises, postoperative ecchymosis, dark circles, varicose veins). 


How to use

Apply Avène Couvrance Stick Concealer Yellow with a brush or fingers onto the affected areas. Blend gently in order to fully camouflage the imperfection. 



Minimizes the appearance of dark and blue-toned blemishes and imperfections

stick presentation allows for precise application, long-lasting formula resists water and sweat, SPF 20. 

Color: Yellow. 

Coverage: high. 



All skin types, including sensitive.



3 g