Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum 50 ml

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About me:


Maxima Eau de Parfum is a glamorous, heavenly composition with noble notes of Immortelle flower.


A blend of long-lasting precious ingredients that ignite the maximum in you to leave your mark in the world. An alluring fragrance with shimmering and noble notes of Immortelle Flower, the bloom of eternity whose oil promises eternal youth, combined with brilliant and velvety Nectarine and the illustrious garland of Jasmine Sambac. Maxima ignites your uniqueness


Key notes: Immortelle flower, nectarine and jasmine sambac.


In each of us, there is an element of divinity - this inspired us to create a fragrance that brings out the best in you. Maxima Eau de Parfum combines the noble notes of Immortelle flower, the velvety accords of juicy nectarine, and the sophisticated scent of Sambac jasmine. This luxurious nectar will release the maximum of you!


Did you know that Immortelle is one of the very few flowers in the world that never wither?


Size: 50ml.

How to use:


Spritz Maxima Eau de Parfum o

n pulse points.