Klorane Polysianes Spray Solar Sublime SPF 30-200 ML

by klorane

Klorane Polysianes Spray Solar Sublime SPF 30-200 ML it is ideal for protecting the body's skin during sun exposure. Its spray format makes it very easy to apply. Formulated with organic and monoi sizes, which take care of the skin. The organic monoi and tamanu sun spray provides very high protection while moisturizing the skin. Refreshing, moisturizing, protective.




Key component


Monoi Extracts.





Photo-ageing, photo-protection.




How to use

Use as often as needed protect your skin before exposure to the sun applies your sunscreen generously (for example 6 sprays on average on the forearm)*. reducing this amount decreases the level of protection. Renew the application reapplies frequently, especially after bathing, toweling or perspiring. Take sun precautions do not stay too long in the sun, even if you use a sunscreen product.