Ducray Dexyane Anti-Scratching Emollient Cream 200 ML


Ducray Dexyane anti-scratching emollient cream helps repair the altered skin barrier.

Nourishes and hydrates: highly nourishing safflower oil promotes the reconstruction of the skin's protective hydrolipidic layer. Hydroxydecine restores physiological hydration of the skin by stimulating filaggrin.

Soothes irritations thanks to the action of Beta-glycyrrhetinic acid and reduces scratching.

Limits the adhesion of S. aureus and Malassezia thanks to Isoleucin.

Its comforting, non-sticky galenic texture ensures the perfect balance between hydration and nutrition. Softness and comfort are restored to very dry skin prone to atopic eczema.





Key Components


Beta-glycyrretinique acid


Safflower Oil






Very dry skin, Eczema, Atopy Prone Skin





How to use

Apply once a day to dry areas massaging lightly until the product is completely absorbed.

Avoid contact with eyes. Since birth.