Etiaxil Unperspirant Roll-On Treatment – Sensitive Skin 15 ML

by Etiaxil

Etiaxil Unperspirant Roll-On Treatment – Sensitive Skin 15 ML: This product has been designed to effectively treat excessive underarm sweating, while respecting sensitive skin. A formula with enhanced tolerance thanks to the CPx protective complex limits the risk of skin irritation and maximizes the comfort of sensitive skin.

Its clinically proven effectiveness2 makes it possible to stop sweating 3 to 5 days and thus ensures total control, anti-moisture and anti-odor. Applied to the armpits, the product allows the sweat glands to rest, which then stop producing sweat for a few days.




Key Components

Alcohol Denat

Aluminum Chloride

Calcium Lactate

Hydrogenated Castor Oil





Excessive Sweating




How to use

Apply Etiaxil under the armpits at night on a dry skin

Additional information:

- Let it air dry naturally.

- The next morning, rinse with soap and water.

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