Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Elder Rose -50ML


Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Elder Rose -50ML An innovative, safe & highly effective 48hr antiperspirant deodorant that works to fight body odour, adsorb moisture & soothe the skin while lightening & evening skin tone for clean & bright underarms.

Key components

Alum Rock, Lumiskin, Teflose, Lactic Acid, Wheatgerm Oil, Sodium Lactate, Aloe Vera, Parsley, Olive Leaf & Propolis.



How to use

Use daily. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry underarms. Allow to dry before dressing. Reapply after heavy physical activity or bathing.


Helps prevent body odours while preserving the skin’s eco-flora.

Inhibits the adhesion of odour producing bacteria and acts as a defensive barrier against micro-organisms.