Vita-age Aurum Hyaluronic Concentrate Vials

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Vita-age is an Italian brand, a complete face line to fight ageing and delay the action of free radicals. The secret? Thymus Serpillus and Lupinus Albus extracts, which contain legume proteins and flavonoids, for an immediate tensing effect. In addition, the white grape extract reinforces and protects the skin, while the vegetable ceramides and the pool of vitamins re-hydrate and regenerate the tissues. Vita Age is a real elixir to prevent and reduce wrinkles.


Moisturizing Intensive treatment based on plant stem cell, an exclusive complex of hyaluronic acid which holds water by increasing skin firmness creating a "film" that provides long-term hydration. The exclusive ampoules with special applicator allow you to apply the product on your face drop by drop. The skin becomes light and brightness. Formula free from Parabens, Petrolatum, Colorants, Alcool, Animal proteins. Dermatologically Tested - Nickel tested; 7 X 2.5ML

How to use :

Apply one vial of hyaluronic acid in the morning spreading the product on well cleansed face before daily treatment. For an intensive treatment we recommend to use it in sinergy with vials Collagen applied in the evening before bedtime to promote regeneration of the epidermis night.