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Phys-AC Global is a complete care product that benefits skin in two ways: skin avoids exposure to a high dose of active ingredients released all at once, and it enjoys long-lasting moisturising and comfort. Tolerance is optimised. This care product removes excess sebum, limits the adhesion of bacteria, (P.Acnes)*, soothes and minimises redness linked to irritation, exfoliates and removes deposits from pores. In addition, compensating moisturising agents provide comfort and restore the skin's balance.\n\nClinical results: Reduces sebum by 36%*; Reduces blackheads by 61%**; reduces pimples by 31%**.\n\nFace\nAdolescents, adults\nAcne-prone skin\n\n** Dermatologically controlled clinical study on 32 acne patients after 6 weeks’ use\n* Dermatologically controlled clinical study on 46 acne patients after 6 weeks’ use\n\nTHIS PRODUCT IS FOR ME IF:\r\n“I'm looking for a complete care product that promotes the reduction of blackheads and pimples. As for texture, I prefer a cream-gel texture that is fresh, light and comfortable and quickly penetrates the skin.”


Apply one time per day on the face previously cleansed with a purifying foaming gel or a purifying micellar water.\r


Sebolia → reduces sebum\r\n\r\nRhealba® Oat Plantlet extract → soothes, limits the adhesion of bacteria/P.Acnes\r\n\r\nZincol → soothes\r\n\r\nStandard AHA/BHA (Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid) acid pH → keratolytic\r\n\r\nCompensating moisturising agents\r\n\r\nAn active preparation for an optimum effectiveness/tolerance ratio that gradually releases the AHA/BHA. Increased mattifying power: presence of sebum-absorbing micro-balls that diffract light and blur out blemishes/bumps.