Beesline Dandruff Relief Shampoo 400 ML

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Beesline Dandruff Relief Shampoo 400 ML: Rich in all-natural active ingredients; Propolis, Thyme & Rosemary, this shampoo helps get rid of dandruff’s most persistent triggers. It purifies the scalp from excess oily secretions and helps get rid of the causes of dandruff. Propolis & Thyme Extracts have purifying & calming effect on the scalp.

Key Components
Coconut Based Surfactants

Dandruff-free & soothed scalp

How to use
1. Apply to wet hair.
2. Lather gently onto scalp and roots for 3 minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
4. Finish with Beesline Dandruff Relief Conditioner. Style as needed.