Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails Ultra Repair Cream-50ML


Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails Ultra Repair Cream-50ML is a daily hand cream that calms, nourishes and protects the skin providing a pleasant softness while restoring the skin barrier.




Key Components


D.A.F patent increases the tolerance threshold of the skin in order to strengthen its resistance;


Glycerin attracts water and binds it to the skin, keeping it hydrated and also shielded from environmental sources of irritation;


Niacinamide increases ceramide synthesis and has anti-inflammatory properties. This leads to better skin hydration and healthier skin barrier helping reduce itching and discomfort;


Shea Butter not only deeply nourishes but also helps regenerate and soothe leading to a healthier skin barrier and comforting the skin.




Dehydration, dryness.  




How to use

Apply Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails Ultra Repair Cream on clean and dry hands and nails throughout the day, as often as necessary.


Nourishes and soothes the skin, repairs and protects restoring the skin barrier, strengthens the nails and softens the skin, has a non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed, dermatologically tested.